Microsoft Siri Competitor from 2003 – Microsoft is lightyears and decades ahead of their competitors.

This is an amazing article. Yes, I fully agree– I think that Microsoft is lightyears and decades ahead of their competitors. What Microsoft offers in Access Data Projects- it is the same thing that they offered in 1999, thirteen years ago- and I’ve yet to see it from ANY Microsoft development platform. ACCESS JUST WORKS.  It’s […]

SqlClr rocks Extending SQL Server Reporting Services with SQL CLR Table-Valued Functions         2 out of 2 rated this helpful Rate this topic             SQL Server 2005 Ryan Ackley Microsoft Corporation March 2007 Applies to:    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Summary: This article describes how to take advantage of SQL CLR table-valued functions to […]

Cairo / WinFS was supposed to look like this.

SQL fileTable is probably my favorite feature in SQL Server. Cairo / WinFS was supposed to look like this. This will make it SO easy to manage my MP3s!!! SQL Server 2012 FileTable – Part 1 januar 3, 2012 | Posted by admin in Geniiius, SQL Server, SQL Server 2012 | 3 Comments » In […]

ConvertToBase – great TSQL UDF function

I’ve had to convert from base 10 to base 2 to base 2 to base 10 hundreds of times in my life.. Finally I was googling for a better answer, and I found this 🙂 From CREATE FUNCTION ConvertToBase ( @value AS BIGINT, @base AS INT ) RETURNS VARCHAR(MAX) AS BEGIN — some variables […]

Is ADP Deprecated?

I hear a lot of MVPs claim that ADP is deprecated.. It’s silly that there’s a religous war between SQL Server architects and developers who continue to be strangled by Jet. So I thought that it was time to explain… Straight from the horses mouth Recommendations for Access projects in Access 2010 We continue […]

Q: My SQL Server database shows a very large size, but the sum size of all the tables is nowhere near the size of the database. What should I do?

How to backup to a null device.. interesting syntax I didn’t know that windows supported this notation nul:

SQL / CLR is the best thing since sliced bread Comparing Simple Efficiencies: T-SQL UDF vs SQCLR UDF for Splitting Strings Donabel Santos (twitter (@sqlbelle) | blog) – February 21, 2011 Recap of T-SQL vs SQLCLR (pseudo) Debate There have been numerous posts about benefits of using T-SQL vs SQLCLR, and vice versa. And we all know the mantra – T-SQL for data access, […]