bad programmers

this idiot is claiming I’m a bad programmer.. just because I don’t do pointers, and I couldn’t care less about the difference between objects and classes. Occam’s razor It is possible to describe the other planets in the solar system as revolving around the Earth, but that explanation is unnecessarily complex compared to the […]

table valued parameters

I’ve been dying to give this a try.. my new job I will definitely be doing this. ——————————————————————————– Processing of delimited strings. This is awesome and I could have used this feature…well, always. Currently, we pass in delimited strings in the following manner: exec sp_MySproc ‘murphy,35;galen,31;samuels,27;colton,42’ Then the stored proc needs to parse the string […]

great new functions in SQL 2012

As we all know, Microsoft officially released SQL Server 2012 RC0. You can register and download the binaries from As with every new release, Microsoft added more features and enhancements, improvements not only to the SQL Server database engine but also to other features in SQL Server. Some of the improvements that Microsoft did […]

C# _CAN_ be used in SSIS 2008

Everywhere I go, people use C# for everything.. drives me crazy. is the ONLY language that is fully supported throughout all aspects of SQL Server.. but I guess that C# is now allowed in SSIS! In SSIS 2005, you are limited to writing scripts in Visual Basic.NET. However, in SSIS 2008, because the VSTA environment is used, […]

Excel Javascript – why can't Microsoft treat Access Web JUST LIKE Excel?

I think that MS Access is more important to more poeple..  than Microsoft Excel. Why is it that Microsoft is coming out with all this great functionality for Excel Web Access.. but they never mention anything about Access Web Access? Access + Azure = A BIG DEAL I just wish that Microsoft would STFU […]