HUGE Security hole in Mac OS X Lion

“It’s a pretty big deal for customers using LDAP as their authentication scheme, and it demonstrates that enterprise deployment scenarios are obviously not part of Apple’s regression testing plan,” said Alex Stamos, one of the researchers at iSec Partners who said large corporate customers probably shouldn’t deploy large number of Macs for now. “Hopefully heavy […]

67 Open Source Replacements for Really Expensive Applications – Datamation

I think it is sad that people actually think that mysql is a replacement for sql server. Anyone who claims that mysql is competitive knows nothing about databases. Sql server is more free than mysql!!! Sql server express is better than any edition of crystal reports!

Missing Indexes – great script for determining ROI

I really don’t know how we ever survived without Dynamic Management Views.. they were released in SQL 2005.. I just love some of the new functionality that the provide. This is one of my favorite script in the whole wide world.. It helps to create a ROI calculation for indexes that SQL Server recommends This […]