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Working with an Access project is very similar to working with an Access database. The process of creating forms, reports, data access pages, macros, and modules is virtually the same as that used to create an Access database.

Once you connect to an SQL Server database, you can view, create, modify, and delete tables, views, stored procedures, user-defined functions, and database diagrams by using the Database Designer, Table Designer, Query Designer, Query Builder, and SQL Text Editor. Although the user interface for working with these database objects is different from the equivalent database objects in an Access database, it is just as user-friendly. An Access project also contains many of the same wizards as an Access database, such as the Form Wizard, the Report Wizard, the Page Wizard, and the Input Mask Wizard. These Wizards help you to quickly create a prototype or simple application, and also make it easier to create an advanced application.

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